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 WHY is your name
One Ton Photography

The love of drafts has been with
me since I was a little girl!
But until you have spent time with them or actually own one... you can't imagine how beautiful and FUN
these Gentle Giants can be!

In 2008, I attended my first draft show of the Texas Draft Horse & Mule Association. 
I was sharing photos with my "Draft Guru" - Debbie H. (She owns the handsome team of BIG grey Percherons - Chazz & Chase, seen throughout our sight) She then shared the pictures with others from the show and the next thing I knew, I was invited to be the official unofficial photographer of the TDHMA for the next few years!

Next came the process of choosing a name.  I LOVE puns and such, so... since Drafts usually weight anywhere from 1,600 to 2,500 pounds...
the draft saying goes that

REAL horses weigh
a TON!
And thus, One Ton Photography
 was created!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Sadly, I did not think ahead of what that tag would look like at the bottom of some beautiful bride's wedding day portraits!  Ooops!

And these are just a smidge of the over
46,000 photos that I have taken,
mainly in just the last FIVE years! 
This is just since going DIGITAL
Thanks Tom for selling me your Nikon D50!

Any questions or comments
please contact me at

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HEAVY Horse friends...

Cornerstone Stables

Texas Draft Horse & Mule Association


If you would like to learn more about Draft Horses, please check out the TDHMA site at      or

2012 TDHMA Plow Day
Huntsville, TX
2013 TDHMA Plow Day Huntsville, TX


2013 TDHMA Play Day
Groesbeck, TX

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