One Ton Photography


One Ton Photography is strictly a hobbyist passion. 
"I, Janet Choate - aka O.T.P., am by no means, a professional nor do I claim to be one.
Photography is a passion, that combines many of my other interests.
Horses, family, children, babies, nature, architecture...
I enjoy capturing a moment in time that will pass as quickly as a camera shutter opens & closes,
never to be seen again... except in print."


Growing up in a large family and raising four children of my own, I understand the concerns of the budget conscience.  Special moments should not be missed because of costs. I believe that capturing a special
moment should not be missed, so I have set my prices reasonably.

Most sessions will be "on location" as OTP does not operate out of a studio. 
This can be in your home, a park, or a public venue.  An indoor location can be arranged if needed.

Please contact for pricing.  Pricing is built for each individual. I have been the sole
photographer for three weddings and each couple have been happy with the results.

"Weddings are one of my favorite things to attend, but honestly they SCARE me to photograph.  I cherish my wedding photos!
They truly captured one of the most incredible events in my life.  But, because I am an amateur, I always worry that my 
inexperience will leave a bride discouraged, with nothing of quality to show her grandkids or be displayed at the
couple's 50th anniversary."  jbc

* All local shoots will be $40/hour - for 1st hr
* Additional time - $20/hr each additional hour
* Any location over 15 miles from Alvin + will incur an additional fuel charge of $5.00/10 miles
* Large groups (Groups Over 6 people) will have an additional charge of $25/ 1st hour & $10/additional hr

Cost of prints and/or packages are in addition to Session Rate.
I will offer package deals but I do not require them.  Not every customer wants or needs the same
quantity or size prints, so why not just purchase what YOU want.  Package prints and assorted
print prices are based on local market pricing. 
Pricing guide will be posted SOON. 

CD of photos is available for purchase for $50/session. 
Wedding CDs will run $75/event due to the number of photos taken & special editing. 
All CDs will include Copyright Release, original shots & any special effect shots that we discuss.
If  extensive editing is required on special effect shots, there may be an addition cost. 
This does not happen often unless a special effects requires more attention.
(Remember - I am an amateur and it may take me a little longer on some of the editing!)
Photographer's Copyright Release - This will allow you to have prints made at any photo processing
center, of whichever or however many prints you wish. Although you purchase the CD, the photos
contained on CD, shall remain the property of Janet Choate or O.T.P. and may not be used for 
commercial gain or public publication (either in print or on the internet) without written consent
from Janet Choate or O.T.P. and public credit must displayed.

Client will allow all photos taken by Janet Choate/O.T.P. to be used for public display
on One Ton Photography's website as they choose.  ONLY with prior discussion will photos
NOT be made public.  Proofs displayed on website may be kept private at the clients request and
and a password will be issued for client to view proofs.
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery of proofs or CD

CALL Janet @ 832/247-7118



Satisfaction is our Goal!!!

I find that consulting with clients as the photos are being taken, helps you achieve the look and feel that
This is YOUR time to shine, & OTP want you to be comfortable with the results.


What is YOUR passion? Sports? Pets? Car? Motorcycle? Your Children?  BRING IT ON! 
Bring a change of clothes. (Location permitting) 
Bring a favorite toy or pet. NO SPIDERS! I DON'T DO SPIDERS!

This is YOUR shoot and YOU know YOU best!

Our encouragement to you is HAVE FUN WITH IT! Make your portraits your very own!

 Editing is a given - Special effects are FUN! 

 One Ton Photography is based in the Alvin area.
Travel includes up to a 15 mile radius.
Further distances will incure a fuel charge of $5.00/10 miles

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