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The day Tino arrived...meeting his new buddy, Muffin! 

Six years and 4 hands later - Tino & His Girl

 This is the stroy of the adventures of a Draft horse...  a Perchon named Northern Lights Valentino... Barn name: Tino... aka Moose, Dufus, Idiot, Dead Head or any other name that fits the occasion.

Tino came to live with us in 2003 at the age of 9 months old.  He came from the frozen north, Canada, where he had a good life living on open pastures with his mom.  After spending a little layover in North Dakota Tino made his way by transport to ... TEXAS!  WHAT?? A draft horse here?  Yes they are an oddity but hey!  Everything is bigger here anyway right?  Why not our horses too.  I don't think he understood what this strange place was.  Come on... it was still February and everything was... GREEN!

Well, as Tino grew up on the property of Second Chance Equine Rescue, he had LOADS of friends, most of the Quarter Horse variety.  So even then he did not know that he wasn't a huge galoot!  There were many escapes and escapades at SCEGDR but PLEASE, do not ask my sis-in-law or bro-in-law about any of them... they'll just blame Tino anyway! (Course it WAS usually his fault!)

Tino has had his time in "school".  He recvd training twice of 60-90 days at a time over a period of about 5 years.  Our problem, should I say HIS problem is OUR inconsistency.  We didn't take in to consideration that Tino is like a little kid... in one big ear and out the other!  So as we have grown with The Beast and met a WONDERFUL neighbor who has had 5 percherons of her own and the patience of a saint with us...  We are members of the Texas Draft Horse & Mule Association which is a wealth of information and help when needed.   (For more info in the Tx Draft Horse & Mule Assoc. visit .

My daughter has this big oaf wrapped around her finger and no matter how long it has been since she has worked him, he comes right back with a little round pen work.  Just wish we had been more consistent as he grew up.  I would LOVE to see her ride him in the annual Draft Show at least once!  He is not without his issues though.  In 2008 it was discovered that he has Side Bone Disease.  This is when the side bones in his foot continue to grow and calcify.  Eventually this will lead to arthritis and the inabitity to move the joints. (see x-rays below)  He does have it in both front feet. Our vet said that for his age, his seems rather advance.  BUT... it is obvious that it has not affected him as of yet.  He runs all over the place around here and has taken up a hobby of jumping as well.  More on that later. 

I know these are just excuses but with the weather the way it is in Texas, it always seems to be too hot, too cold or too wet to work with him.  Also, his "girl" has spent all of her high school years engrossed in the MCJROTC program there.  So with all of the activities that go along with it, Tino became a "pasture pet".  As her senior year is coming to a close, she is coming back around to her consistent love of horses! Over the years she has ridden hunter/jumper, moved on to barrels, and this year got to compete at the Texas Draft Horse & Mule Association annual show using our friend's percheron team and their Suffolks.  She is now energized to work with Tino to get him back in shape.  So the BIG question is... HOW DO WE GET HIS MIND BACK IN THE GAME?

So, some things we need to overcome to get moving the right directions:
  *  Get over his issues with his feet!  he will pick them up fine - but you'd better be ready when you release pressure, that foot comes down FAST!
  *  Get back into letting us catch him EASILY!  Hate relying on the round pen and FOOD!
  *  Teach him to DROP HIS GOOFEY HEAD for the halter/bridle.

Any suggestions out there?

I can FLY!

See! I'm a Good Boy!

Tino in one of his favorie spots... My front porch!

 How to COOL OFF a Draft!

 Summer 2010 -  Popcicle Boy!  We learned what to do with all the blue ones that the kids won't eat...
Give them to Tino!!

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